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Survive The Coming Water War
ALERT: Preppers Panic as Survival Water Filters Disappear From Store Shelves. Read Below.
Government Legislation Has Already Claimed Ownership of All Free Water Sources
Filter a Year's Worth of Water From This Tiny 4"x4" Miracle
Will You Survive When All the Safe Drinkable Water is Gone?
Arguably the most scary development in recent memory is the government's grab of all water rights. It's not fiction, this is happening right now.
As FREE water supplies become the last currency in modern dystopian fiction thrillers, so too will be the reality in any disaster.
Preppers and survivalist already know the simple truth that potable(drinkable) water will be the most valuable item to have after a collapse or disaster.  No human or animal on planet Earth is immune to the ravaging effects of extreme thirst and dehydration. 
But that’s not the case with Arctic Filters.
Water Disasters Happen Every Day
And You Shouldn’t Have to Worry Any Longer.
What happens when you can no longer boil your water because the power infrastructure has also collapsed?  Every year thousands of people like you are warned when their water is no longer safe to drink!
Don’t Spend Another Day Worrying.

Dehydration is Inevitable!
The rule of three states that you can go approximately three weeks
without food, but only three days without water! Then you're dead...
When the world is turning on itself,
you'll have the peace of mind that you can weather the storm both
in place or even if you are forced to leave home.  
Do you have a survival water back up plan
Don't wait to dig the well when you're thirsty...
Why Risk It? ​You Can Have
​a Bullet-Proof Solution
​Right Now! Read On...
Your Stored Water is Not Easily Taken With You...
What Will You Do
When It's Too Late?
The thing about emergencies is that
you don't get a "do over".You only have the regret
​of what you should have done differently.
Clean, drinkable water is one thing
that you cannot survive without.

There Will Be No Second Chances...
Filter a Years Worth of Drinkable Water for Less Than $40!
Don't Risk Your Life on a Water Straw Alone...
Our survival water filter is silver impregnated and will not permit bacteria growth through (mitosis). It provides a hostile environment for all micro-biological organisms and will not support their growth. Ceramic elements may be cleaned 100 or more times with a soft brush or a slightly abrasive cloth.  
The filtration efficiency is 0.2 microns!
Safe Water For Less Than 1¢ Per Gallon!

Great for Barter & Trade
Imagine having a resource that you can create on demand
that everyone needs and that you can use to acquire
​the supplies
 you need in a post collapse economy.
Those who control the worlds water will be the new
​ruling class.  
Be sure to get your extra filters. 
The Back Up to Your Back Up Plan!

99.999% Bacteria Removal - Reduces Virus, Arsenic and Fluoride. Laboratory Verified!
Fast Action Bonus #1

Extender Sock

Maximize the life-span of your filter. This bonus extender sock will help you remove the particles that slow down the flow of water.
Fast Action Bonus #2

Easy Tap Spigot

Simply drill a hole and insert this spigot into your bucket system for easy access to clean, drinkable water on demand! No need to fuss with messy hoses or bucket pouring.
Made in The U.S.A.
Unlimited Shelf Life!
Easy Storage and Installation!
Cleans with a Soft Brush or Slightly Abrasive Cloth
Filter Up to 1 Gallon of Clean Water Per Hour!
Once in Use, Each Filter Will Last 1-2 Years!
Filter From Lakes, Rain, Wells, Tap, Rivers or Streams!
Carbon Media Inside is Good for 6 months to One Year!
Filter a Amazing 15-30 Gallons a Day With No Electricity or Heat!
This is a MUST HAVE for All Serious Preppers and Outdoor Enthusiasts.
$39.95 +Shipping
  • (1) 4x4 Filter
  • (1) Filter Sock
  • (1) Spigot
$119.95 +Shipping
  • (3) 4x4 Filters
  • (3) Filter Socks
  • (3) Spigots
  • (6) 4x4 Filters
  • (6) Filter Socks
  • (6) Spigots
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